The Delicates Honored In Belleville!

An exciting announcement from Denise!

My early 50's 60's girl group The Delicates were inducted into the "Belleville Wall Of Recognition" on October 8th through 10th of this year in our New Jersey hometown of Belleville, where we are referred as to the "Original Jersey Girls."

They Belleville Board of Education named part of Union Avenue "The Delicates Drive"; it is from Belleville Avenue to Holmes Street ON UNION AVENUE. That portion covers School #8 (our grammar school) and Lou's Deli, located at 161 Union Ave; that's the deli that my parents owned and my childhood home and also where we the Delicates got our name. Also they are re-named the School #8 auditorium "The Delicates Auditorium."

They presented us with a plaque which will forever remain on the "Wall Of Recognition" at Belleville High School near the plaque of Connie Francis. They also hosted a gala dinner at the Chadelier in Belleville as part of the series of events.

This was an incredible honor for us and we were thrilled beyond belief. Right now we are "Flip Flip"in' over these incredible moments which we treasure for the rest of our lives!

Coming soon will be a special page of photos from the three-day event.

Meanwhile please click the two links below for specific information about what I've described above.

Event Schedule and Details

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